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Music introduction & narration:
The key to make a classical concert special
Coming home from work, getting dressed, making your way through traffic, finding a parking and finally your seats – congratulations: you just made it to the concert hall in time! The orchestra has tuned, the conductor or a group of musicians comes on stage – by the way, what exactly are they playing tonight and in which order? And is there a soloist? Too late to buy a program, and if you bought one: too dark to read it... and anyway: should you not just enjoy listening now?

This is the moment for Karsten to warm people up, truly reach them in order to create a personal band between the musicians and their listeners.
A charismatic, easygoing, knowledgeable yet entertaining way to share his passion about music from the insight of an experienced musician – this is how Karsten opens ears and hearts for music before and during a concert. With a personal subtle sense of humor he makes even complicated musical terms understandable to a wide audience and knows how to appeal both to less experienced concert goers as well as to music experts.

Karsten does not only introduce any musical program in English, French and German, but also creates his own concepts for galas, special moderated theme concerts, chamber music series, open air venues and family concerts. In family concerts his heart beats especially for children and young adults, because he knows that the future of classical music lies in their hands. Public rehearsals and symphonic workshops, where musical examples may be played before the performance itself, allow him to go even more into detail with classical music and it’s interpretation.

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